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C&F Bank
4820 W. Hundred Rd
Chester, VA
Focused On You.

As a personal banker it is my job to establish a relationship with my client and help them achieve Financial Wellness. I do this by giving undivided attention and asking great questions so we can develop a plan to succeed. I find in today's world, responsible relationships are rare and that is my commitment to Focus On You.
(804) 414-1660
(804) 414-1661
National Care Financial
3112 buck run drive
We are a financial service that teaches our clients about how to plan where they will never run out of money and will have a nest egg for their family.

National care financial is one of the top African American financial service companies in the country. Our services include annuities, long term care, college plan and mortgage protection. We provide free finance consultations and illustrations for all our clients who want to make their finances better.
Black Paw Marketing
We are an online business, we do not have a location.
We are an agency focused on delivering our clients results through social media marketing, management, web design, and more.

2.4 billion people use the internet on a daily basis and 90% of those have purchased or contacted that company based off their website/media presence. If there's anything you learn from this paragraph let it be this -- social media is a powerful tool you use to get in front of people's eyes, potential customers that never knew your business existed are searching for your product or service that your business offers and without an online presence how will they find you? For more information, contact us and we can give you a free audit for you to learn your strength and weaknesses on social media and how to get more visibility and grow your business!
Chesterfield, VA
health and wellness company

we have a complete skin care line, supplements to help with many different goals (weight loss, sleep better, stress less, more energy, gain muscle and more), protein powders and more!

ItWorks! with Katya Whitaker
Thrive by Le-Vel
Midlothian, VA
Tired of being tired? Not sleeping through the night? Lack mental clarity throughout te day? Joint discomfort? Want to shed a few pounds?

Le-Vel is the fastest growing health and wellness movement in the world! All natural, gluten-free, non-gmo premium grade nutrition done in 3 easy steps the first minute of your day! It is something thay is hard to explain, you just have to experience it! It truly is amazing how awesome a body can feel when it actually absorbs the nutrients! And, everyone, whether customer or promoter, can thrive for free!

Credit Repair Nerds of Richmond
2520 Merle St
A credit repair company

Credit Repair Nerds of Richmond has been in business since 2015. We are a 45 day-6 month credit repair company who guarantees positive results in the first 45 days. We provide the following services:
• Collections.
• Charge-offs.
• Late Pays.
• Medical Bills.
• Student Loans.
• Bankruptcy.
• Tax Liens.
• Judgments.
• Child Support.
We get you fast permanent removals and provide a free consultation. We can review all 3 of your reports, and make some recommendations for you.
We provide a transparent credit repair process where you can monitor the progress being made on all 3 reports via our secure client access portal.
We offer a double your money back guarantee if you don’t receive any positive results in the first 45 days. We also provide deeply discounted vacations for those who complete their credit repair program.

One Touch of Paradise Salon & Spa
4881 Finlay Street
Henrico, VA
A full service salon looking to service you with your hair, nails, pedicures, massage & etc. Where beauty is changed inside and out, one client at a time!

ONE TOUCH OF PARADISE is a multicultural salon focused on high-quality service and customer satisfaction . We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Our goal is to service you from head to toe and to bring out your natural beauty or to enhance your beauty. The experienced and talented staff members at ONE TOUCH OF PARADISE are among the most qualified in the industry. Whether you need a full day of relaxation, a completely new hairstyle or a quick manicure, you'll find it here. Look at our services, and call us to make an appointment today or make appointment online!
Helena’s Brews
P. O. Box 74083
N Chesterfield, VA
Come enjoy the sounds of great jazz experience a healthy alternative to regular coffee that not only tastes great, but makes people feel great.

#helenabrews up new #business
#coffee #tea #hotchocolate on the go, just add hot water!

#coffeetime #hrichnetworks #socialmedia #socialnetwork #web #websolutions

Not only do I use websites and applications to interact with other users, (HRichNetworks, LLC) but I love setting up events such as this to bring people together.

My passion is helping others. My friend and colleague Eyvette Turner introduced me to the business. Being an advocate for her and her business I often offered her coffee to my client's when setting up meetings. Eyvette introduce me to the business and brought me onboard as part-time coffee distributor.

I offer coffee to potential clients and create gift baskets for clients when closing out a project.

Organo blends the unequalled power of Ganoderma with an unparalleled business opportunity that will allow you to capitalize in the ever expanding health and wellness industry.

Whether it’s improved health, more time freedom or better wealth, Organo can help you achieve your goals. Organo has scientifically developed a healthy alternative to regular coffee that not only tastes great, but makes people feel great. So, come join me for a cup of healthy coffee!

Helena Brew's
Popping In Paparazzi Jewelry
Jewelry and accessories for $5

Look like a million without spending a million! Let us feed your $5 craving with gorgeous jewelry. You can order from our website or purchase straight from

Your Paperless Office
YPO was started in 2011 to provide back office support to small business owners.

We provide a full range of back office support from administrative to marketing. We make sure your office runs smoothly so you can concentrate on revenue generating activities.

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