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Succeeding in business is ALL about connections! (RVA-B2B Network Walk/Organo/1MCRVA)

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For an entrepreneur, the ability to forge connections is a great asset.

Business is all about personal contact. No matter how heavy your workload is, do not allow yourself to work in your cubicle or office all day, every day – for your own well-being and the health of your business, you need to get out and about, meeting people and developing relationships.

RVA-B2B Network Walk Presents: Sunset Yoga

RVA-B2B Network Walk Presents: Sunset Yoga

SPECIAL EVENT WALK: SUNSET YOGA – with Barbara Prema Brown (Yoga Instructor)

Move, stretch, strenghen, and simply let go…

Richmond Times Dispatch Article:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Networking: 5:45-6:00pm
Yoga: 6-6:45pm

Byrd Lake/Fountain Lake

600 S Boulevard
Richmond, VA

Equipment Needed: Mat or Folding Chair

Cost: (donation based)

RVA-B2B Network Walk – A Unique Way to Exercise, Meet, Greet and Share your Business!

RVA-B2B Network Walk (A unique way to connect)

These network walks create synergy and gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to exercise, meet, greet and share their business!





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Every week, entrepreneurs present their startup companies to their communities and learn how their community can help support their business to flourish.

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