Celebrate National Simplicity Day

clear your space
National Simplicity Day is a day celebrated each year on July 12th as a need to declutter our life from stress and make it simpler and meaningful.
We spend every waking moment glued to our smartphones, emails, and social media accounts. Too much social media can directly impact our emotional wellness, physical, and mental health.  Often we need to put the brakes on and declutter our minds of all the social media addiction that is keeping us nailed to our computers and cellphones. 
Here are some simple ways to celebrate National Simplicity Day and detox from our social media addictions :
  • Make people aware of the simplicity and stop them from wasting their money on an expensive object. Instead, make them, donate the money to a deserving organization
  • You can volunteer your time and money to a local organization working on a cause of your choosing.
  • Read books and essays written by Henry David Thoreau’s
  • Declutter the unnecessary things in life
  • Have clarity on what you need in life
  • Spend some time with nature
It’s ok to remove ourselves from the social norms and take sometime to just smell the roses. Enjoy the life of simple living and doing away with the complications of life that buckle us down and clear your space.