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This WordPress Basics (1-on-1 Course)
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WordPress Basics

Prerequisite: cPanel hosting and domain setup on account

Note: Course does not include eCommerce training

In this 1-on-1 Website Consult course, you will learn the basics of the WordPress platform, which is used to create blogs and websites. (Can be used for any platform)

This 1-on-1 4-week training course. It will teach you the necessary computer skills to create a WordPress website using your own domain name and hosting account.

The course covers:

  • How to install WordPress Application
  • Content/menu creation
  • How to install a Theme
  • Media uploads
  • Install Plugins
  • Publishing capabilities of the platform
  • GOLIVE on the world wide web!!!

Consult Cost: $550
Course Date & Time: Choose your date/time
Location: Online

Bonus: 2-hour training on getting website up and running

Registration URL:

The main advantage of this course is its short duration. In only 4-hour, (1 Q/A) it goes through everything you need to know to build your WordPress blog or website.

After taking this course, you will feel confident about working with WordPress website.

Call for questions 804.447.4312
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