CEO/Web Strategist with HRichnetworks, LLC
New Orleans native.

Helena has over 20 year’s expertise in the technology industry, with experience in a variety of areas including operations, finance, and project management. Helena received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Loyola University New Orleans in Computer Information Systems.

Helena worked for several companies during her years in corporate America ranging from government, hospitals, banks, insurance companies, and small businesses. As a Senior Level Application Developer Helena worked at NASA’s, Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, the nation’s largest test site for rocket engines.

Helena’s background and varied experience is the basis for her practical problem-solving approach to the Information Technology Industry. Helena is responsible for planning and directing all operational initiatives, including the realization of the short and long-term goals of her company. Helena ensures the implementation of the company’s strategic plan, as well as revenue growth and general profitability of the company.

As an IT Professional of 20+ years, she always provided technology services to family and friends and had the desire to start her own business. “Both the storm and the recession provided me the opportunity to start my own business and make money doing something I love.” as she reminisced about the day Hurricane Katrina changed their lives.

In August 2005 Helena and her family’s lives were turned upside down. New Orleans was hit by a devastating storm, “Hurricane Katrina“. Helena moved to Richmond Virginia with her husband, daughter and family dog which they loss to liver disease. Helena’s husband is a Rehab Nurse Coordinator and her daughter is working on her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.

valuable 20 years experience

“Both the storm and the recession provided me the opportunity to start my own business and make money doing something I love.”

Since 2009, HRichnetworks has grown considerably into a well-respected provider of innovative and efficient IT solutions. Helena’s business is SWAM certified and she is registered as an eVA vendor. These acquired certifications allow her to bid on Federal and State contracts.

HRichNetworks continues to excel under Helena’s direction as a leader in the IT industry, servicing small to mid-sized businesses in the local marketplace.