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Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions that Elevate Your Business Online

Regarding Social Networking, email is the original “O.G” That is Old Grasshopper. Most of us remember the voice of AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” as America Online hopped across our computer screen and into our lives. How exciting it was to receive mail in seconds, no longer checking our mailbox or going to the post office.  

Did you know that in today’s technological world, your email address is, in many cases, your business’s first impression, besides your business logo and website?

Email is the most important thing most of us look at in the morning – before coffee, before we kiss our spouses, even before we crawl out of bed – we’re checking our email. I know most of you thought it was FaceBook.

Email provides a one-to-one communication channel where you’re talking to one person. 

However, email is not intended to send unsolicited emails to every possible person, instead of sending emails to the influencers who can understand your services.

Business contracts are established via email; payments are made via email. Even breakups are done via email.

Email marketing allows you to customize your campaigns and create targeted content. From crafting the perfect subject lines to images that resonate with your customer, and valuable content that helps your audience, email is the ideal channel to deliver those personal-feeling messages.

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