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What Is On-Site and Off-Site SEO?

On-site SEO, also known as on-page SEO, refers to the optimization of elements on a website to increase its ranking in search engine results and attract more relevant traffic. It is an important aspect of SEO that complements off-site SEO, which focuses on links and external signals. 


Both on-site and off-site SEO are equally important for improving search engine rankings. On-site optimization involves creating search engine-friendly content that is relevant to users. One way to improve rankings with on-site SEO is to add more pages to your website. Every time you publish a new blog post or add a page, you create a new indexable and searchable page that can help boost your website’s visibility in search results.

Off-site SEO marketing is the process of promoting a website on the internet. This is achieved by obtaining links to your website from other websites in the same niche and by professionally managing the social media marketing feed. Off-site SEO refers to optimization techniques that are used outside of your website to improve organic rankings in search engine result pages. Essentially, the main goal of Off-site SEO is to increase the number of high-quality links that point to your website.

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