National Escape Day

National Escape Day

There are always a handful of roles that each of us is juggling. As a business owner, you may wear many hats, and it may leave you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of day-to-day life. The idea of taking time for yourself may seem unimaginable.

National Escape Day beckons people on January 30 to move away from their daily lives and invest some time in rejuvenating themselves. 

Let’s look at its history and meaning, cited by National Today.


When life becomes a treadmill, and you find yourself running to nowhere, it’s best to get off it for some time. This is the chief idea behind National Escape Day.

At some stage, everyone feels overwhelmed by the pressures of life. Bills, performance, exams, expectations, deliverables, deadlines, e.t.c., run us ragged at times. While the binding nature of life today is inescapable, it would do you plenty of good to put your feet up for a day.

National Escape Day is your day when you live life without worrying about credit card payments or deadlines. It is for you to treat yourself as the monarch of your very own realm.

While some may want to escape away physically from the maddening rush, others would be content with just escaping in their mind. Whatever your preference, it offers an excuse to live a day-tight life.

While there are no clear indications about the holiday’s origins, it has caught the interest and imagination of people in the U.S. People have made it a point to unabashedly go incognito for a day without running the risk of rubbing bosses, clients, e.t.c., the wrong way. It lets people tell the world that they need a break — without sounding lazy or burned out.

So go ahead! Run, walk, rest, get a massage or sit beside the sea counting the waves! There are no rules except that you should follow no rules! Whether you surf the sea, escape to a hill resort, walk into your neighborhood spa, or lather yourself in the bath, this day is all about getting off the treadmill to pamper your life’s central being!

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