3 Tips to Close the Year Strong!

3 Strategies Tips to Close the Year Strong!
To close the year strong and reduce stress, look for existing opportunities. Take a serious look at everything that is in your sales pipeline. Apply fresh thinking, by enlist the aid of a colleague or teammate. Determine which opportunities you can realistically close and move them up in the priority.
By finishing the year on a high note, you can look back on this time and be proud of the work you put in. While everybody’s closing out this time eating, shopping, and returning gifts, you can make this the moment you reach your peak. Here are some tips that’ll help you achieve your best success as we close 2021.

#1 Focus on final opportunities

It’s true. The unofficial rush to the end of the year is upon us. We have three weeks left to finish strong.
December is not a month for you to GO Dark. I know most of you want to start your vacation, relax, and enjoy your time with your family and friends. But did you know that there are companies that still have money in this year’s budget that they need to clear out for next year? December has been a good time for my company to close-out sales, and it can be for your company as well. Take a serious look at everything in your sales pipeline, leads, prospects, your CRM, new and returning customers. Reach out and make some calls you never know it may be worthy of your time.

#2 Re-visit past relationships

Soon it will be the end of 2021 and the start of the new year of 2022. But before you say goodbye to 2021, It’s important to keep putting in hard work up to December 31st.
Connect with the people you already do business with — these are the folks who know, like and, trust you. They are the individuals who would be inclined to buy more of what you offer and to refer you to possible new opportunities. Remember to check back with those folks who said “no” to see if they still feel the same way.
Keep notes from every phone call meeting and work your task list in your CRM. This is a great way to prevent precious sales opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Keep your pipeline updated and use automated reminders to ensure you follow up at the right time.
Always Ask for the Sale People Climbing Gears Close Deal

#3 Ask for the deal

One more week and 2021 is gone bye-bye. Crazy, right?! 
So much has happened this year, and pretty much nothing went according to plan. There are probably a few things that didn’t end up happening for you or your creative business because of it. Well, you still have time. “It ain’t over till (or until) the fat lady sings.”
How many deals have you passed up an opportunity because you did not ask? You’ve built the relationship, and you know the prime options to close. You understand the value of the solution for the client. You are prepared and have answered the client’s questions. All you have to do is “Ask for the deal”. Write it on the wall.
Several times on my vision board, I have a phrase that says Ask, Believe, Receive. Ask for the deal— you have done the work necessary to earn that right, haven’t you? Take the time to appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into achieving what you wanted. Ask for the deal.
As you continue to strive toward a strong finish, take stock of what’s worked for you this year. If it doesn’t fit into that category, it might be worth throwing out as you set goals for next year. 
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