3 Tips Finish the Year Strong in Business

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The year 2022 will be a distant memory in a week. Incredible, huh?

A lot has happened this year; for some, very little has gone as planned. As a result, a few things for you or your creative business probably didn’t happen. But you still have the time! “It’s not finished until the fat lady sings,” they say.

To finish the year strong and with less stress, seek current possibilities. Give everything in the sales pipeline a careful check. Utilize new ideas or ask a teammate or coworker for assistance. Recognize and place greater attention on the opportunities that have the potential to materialize.

#1 Focus on final opportunities

It is real. Unofficially, the end-of-year rush has begun. One week remains for us to finish strong.

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The best course of action is to avoid going dark in December. Most of you, I’m sure, are anxious to relax, get your holiday started, and spend time with your loved ones. However, did you know that certain companies must set aside cash from this year’s budget for next year? December has proven to be an excellent month for wrapping up sales for my business, and it may be for yours. Review your sales funnel’s elements, including leads, prospects, your CRM, and new and returning customers. Call some folks; you never know if it would be beneficial.

#2 Re-visit past relationships

2022 will soon come to a close, and 2023 will begin. But before you bid 2022 farewell, it’s crucial to continue working hard through December 31.

Reach out to the clients you currently work with; these are the people who are familiar with, comfortable with, and confident in you. They will likely recommend you to others with new business opportunities and buy more of what you offer. Remember to follow up with individuals who said “no” to see if their opinions haven’t changed.

Record every phone call, and keep track of your CRM task list. This is a fantastic way to guarantee that profitable sales opportunities are recovered. Keep your pipeline current and use automatic reminders to make sure you follow up when it is appropriate.

 #3 Ask for the sale

ask-believe-receiveHow many opportunities have you missed out on because you didn’t ask?

You’ve developed the relationship, and you are aware of the best ways to close. You have prepared and addressed the client’s inquiries. You agree that the solution will benefit the client. Asking for the sale is all you need to do.

Write it on the wall. I have the words “Ask, Believe, Receive” written on my vision board several times. Make the prospective customer feel at ease, but don’t be hesitant to express any sense of urgency you may have about completing the sale. You have already made an effort to earn that, right, haven’t you? Ask for the sale. Appreciate the time and effort it took to accomplish your goals. Ask for the sale.

 In closing…

Take into account what has worked for you so far this year as you attempt to come to a successful finish. Categorize and prioritize your goals and objectives. When you begin to plan for the future year, it could be beneficial to put everything that doesn’t fall under that heading to rest.

Businesses are like top athletes; they don’t slow down when they get close to the finish line. Take advantage of the planning already done by putting these business tips to work. Gain extra motivation when a quarter or fiscal year ends and successfully finish the work.

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